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Although the dream of a paper-free office dominates the discussions of the experts, it is not likely to become a reality in the near future. Paper remains an effective medium of communication and, used together with electronic documentation, it enables companies to remain competitive.
GSP works with the leading manufacturers in the market. We are in a position to offer a wide range of office solutions: photocopiers, multifunction printers, scanners and fax machines. In addition, we supply electronic document management systems, projectors and flat screens for your professional presentations.

  • Simple and flexible professional high-quality copiers
  • Compact user-friendly and high-performance printers
  • Efficient fax machines with automatic copy to an e-mail address
  • Fast scanners to facilitate the digitising of documents
  • Electronic document management, filing and approval workflows tailored to your requirements
  • Also presses, assemblers, staplers, folders, etc.


Competition requires businesses to be constantly quicker and more efficient in their communication, both internally and externally. Between colleagues, with suppliers and customers or, more specifically, to provide an effective after-sales service, it is vital to have effective platforms that are simple to use.

  • Fixed line, mobile and VoIP platforms
  • P/ISDN system
  • IP Centrex and fax servers
  • Internet and Extranet connections
  • Leased and fibre optic lines
  • Video telephony and videoconferencing


We install a flexible network in your company, taking account of your requirements and challenges, such as mobility, the number of staff, range of equipment, safety and energy costs.

  • Servers, stations, laptops, tablets and thin clients
  • Internal wi-fi coverage, coverage between remote sites and for temporary events
  • Surveillance cameras and software solutions for premises, on site and on the move
  • Windows Business, Terminal and Exchange
  • Wiring, racks, patch panels and switches
  • Security, encryption, archiving
  • Full back-up service, both on-site and remote (with on-site verification), and an express service in case of emergency : fire, theft, vandalism, crashed disk
  • Expertise and consulting for Mac and Linux
  • Mobile applications
  • On-site and remote information management
  • 24-hour breakdown service for critical operations, until normal functioning is resumed

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